Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Today Linda showed us what was on her table (and isn't that giraffe really cute?) - She asked what was on our tables - so here goes:

Can you believe I just cleaned it off last night. There were lots of scraps - that are now in that red pot waiting to be sorted by color, some wool that I put aside a long time ago and just got out to finish it, lots of containers with scraps & rotary cutter & ric-rac, my bin with blocks I'm currently working on, somewhere in there is the beginning of my first PIF. I had only one PIF person sign up and she has dispearred from blogging. My thought is to surprise some of my blogging friends if I don't hear from her soon (if you would like to join in let me know), also last night I cut out some more blocks for my whirlygiggle top, one of my treasured posession - a little leather and felt box that was my grandmothers - she kept her embroidery floss in it and now so do I. She gave it to me when I was a little girl and her eyes were no longer able to sew. My huge table gets messy quickly - I'm always amazed at what I find on it when I tidy it up.


Gina said...

I know how you feel. It's amazing how quickly my table gets filled the day after I clean it off.
If I can't find anything in the house you can guarantee it will be on my cutting table. LOl

Love and hugs Gina xxxx

Linda said...

Your table looks sooo tidy compared to mine, and I don't mean the one I showed on my blog. I pulled that one into the dining room to work. The one in my sewing room needs another tidy up.

Anonymous said...

Hia Lynn, I know the feeling. You put the offcuts down for a spare 5 mins when you can sew them together to be a little gift bag or something then the next thing rolls onto the desk and before you know it you need a team of trained archaeologists to help you go through it all.

Anonymous said...