Sunday, May 25, 2008

OC step 4 finally done!

As you can see from the title I am finished step #4 of the OC. I am not thrilled with the purple/green combination I used and working on it was a real chore. I see that step #5 is posted and I am looking forward to using my feature color (it will have to be a strawberry crush, as my fabric is pink). Speaking of strawberry crush -this is what I'll be working on tommorrow. Jam making begins tommorrow. I bought one flat - which is 6 quarts. I know this is not going to be enough so it looks like another trip back to the farmers market too. Maybe I'll get my OC step 5 begun to help celebrate jam making.

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Amanda said...

I'm using much the same colour combination as you - mine is a strawberry crush too - and can't wait to cut into the pink fabric - I think it'll make those dark colours really come into their own. I love making jam, but the strawberry season hasn't got underway yet (well not properly), so it'll be another month or so before they're cheap enough. Have sticky fun.