Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another Star!

It's been a busy week around here. That time of year when the kids have things wrapping up at schools. I've been to some wonderful concerts, exciting baseball games and some senior activities. Last night's was especially nice. It was a beautiful evening and there my DD#1's senior night was held at a local college's ampitheater. I am still trying to finish OC #4 - I only have 4 more blocks to do. I'm having a problem concentrating on this step and keep procrastinating on it. I think it may be my distaste for my colors. Hopefully once I get to use the other colors I'll be more motivated. I did finish this star block from Crazy Mom Quilts. I really like the blue/white together.


Donna said...

Your star block looks great. I made a mistake on mine and did not alternate colors on the points. I might go back and redo it. Graduation is here tonight and it is raining so it is moved indoors. My dd has two close friends graduating. She will be a senior next year.

Em said...

Wow, that block looks really great! I need to get working on that one... I'm getting behind!