Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a question

Has anyone used osnaburg fabric for quilting. I was looking at it today and liked the way it looks - plus it's price. So I was wondering if anyone has used it and how it behaved for you.


Kathie said...

I have and I do like it
I did embroidery on it and I have done applique on top of it
Used it as the pocket of a tote bag, used it as the lining of a tote bag.
never used it in a large quilt just a wallhanging
I would recommend doing a small zig zag around the edges of each block.

Linda said...

I've only ever used it in bags and small embroideries, but like you I like the price, plus I found it in colors a few weeks ago.

Deb said...

I have used it also mainly as stitcheries within quilts. In fact I use it for most stitchery panels that I make. I always back it with iron on wefting and it stabilisers it a bit and disguises any threads from the back. Its lovely to use.

Anonymous said...

Love the cake quilt. Yes so many possibilities for the design. Yep I've used osnaburg for stitcheries that became part of a quilt (backed in pellam) and I've also used it as layers on a ragged style topper for putting hot plates on with cloves in the centre. It's fraying edges were part of the design and worked well between the cotton fabrics.