Friday, June 12, 2009

A great day yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first reason it was a great day was that yesterday was our first day of summer vacation here - all my kids are now finished with school for the year. We have a lot of people in our town who send their kids to year round school - but I was never a fan of the idea - the main reason:
SUMMER VACATION!!!!!! I love the kids being home - no school, going to the pool, baseball games, swim meets, going to the beach , sleeping past 5:45am, playing games - it's all good.
The second reason - yesterday morning I stopped at the bagel shop and I saw a woman get out of her car with 3 small children and I probably scared her at first - but I said - "I know your kids" ... 2 very cute twin girls . and one darling little boy. Any guesses? It was Mrs. Quilt Dad! I recognized the children from John's blog (we live very close to each other) and let me tell you they sure are cutie pies. If you're not familiar with his blog check it out he does stunning work - and of course occasionally has pics of his kids on there.

The third reason (there aren't enough exclamations points to demonstrate how excited I am about this) I found out I won a blog giveaway!!! Cyndi at Wishful Stitches was so generously giving away a beautiful quilt - she asked that we tell her our quilt mishap stories. This is what I wrote: "I decided to quilt a Halloween table runner with the word "boo" free-motioned quilted on the background. After I finished I realized that I hadn't thought spacing out real well and it looks like I quilted the word "boob" all over it!" While the quilt turned out great - I can't look at it without thinking 'boob' quilt. At the time my husband said no one would notice and then later in the day dd#1 asked why I wrote 'boob' all over my quilt! Here's a picture of the infamous "boob" quilt

My camera is misbehaving (actually yet again I left it on and now I need a new battery) so I'll soon have to post an up close picture of the quilting.
Thank you so much Cyndi!


Anonymous said...

Hia Lynn, I love your boob quilt! (and it's story) Congrats on your win.

I like the children around too during the Summer- we actually get to be a family instead of homework and getting them up for school dominating life. It's fun to be able to go places and not be in weekend crowds. The hols here run from late July to the 1st week in September.

Anonymous said...

Hahaa! that's great! I never would have known from the picture that it says boob all over it!

I really love having the kids home for summer vacation too. I think that parents need that break just as much as kids need it!

:) Missy

John said...

I just saw your post (I'm a bit behind)! I still think that's really funny that you saw my family ... my wife keeps teasing me now that I am a local celebrity. : )

amandajean said...

congrats on winning a quilt! that's pretty fun, isn't it??? how great to run into mrs. quilt dad, too.

susan said...

roflmbo!!! oh that was priceless!!! boob quilt! ha!
how awesome you ran into johns wife and kids, you must have freaked her out!! congrats on winning

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Super super incredibly cute. How funny too!!!

Bec said...

OMGosh, the table runner is FABULOUS! love it love it love it!