Monday, April 28, 2008

supposed to be cleaning but distracting myself from the task at hand

I promised myself I would clean, clean, clean today. I keep distracting myself with reading blogs and sewing. I am still working on my OC step 2 - and now step 3 is out. I am chain stitching the second triangles together and want to finish by tommorrow. It is a rainy day here - perfect for sewing - not cleaning.
I bought this at my LQS last week. It is part of a challenge that they are doing. The fabric is composed of old tins. It is a creative challenge, but I have an idea what to do with it - I'll post the finished product in the future.
Back to my bucket and mop.


Katie said...

I was going to clean today too. (the operative word being "was") Ugh! Well I did change the bed and clean up the dead ants in the kitchen. Also Ugh! And I'm going to force myself to vacuum. Ugh, ugh. Then I'm going to sew! Yippee!

That's very cool fabric. :-)

Amanda said...

Ah, displacement activities. I know all about them too. Still, the dirt always comes back anyway, so you might as well leave it until you can REALLY notice the difference when you clean!

Katie said...

Your blog is set to "no reply". Thanks for the comment. My fabrics are at