Friday, April 25, 2008

bad bad quilter

I fell off the "no buying anymore fabric wagon". It all started when I got a card in the mail saying a local fabric shop was having a 25% off sale. I had promised myself to use only what I had for the OC mystery quilt. To be fair I found that I didn't have 2 yards of any one piece. So this is what I bought. Speaking of fabric shopping - there are 2 very nice quilt shops within 2 miles of my house - in either direction. How lucky I am - I frequent both, however when I shop at one or the other I feel guilty. Like I'm cheating. Anyone else have this same problem? When I went to the 3rd shop (not a quilt shop) boy did I feel bad - I was cheating on everyone - but it was 25% off.


Katie said...

LOL I certainly do not feel bad! All the shops are nice but they each have different fabrics. So you gotta go to them all. Part of the fun!

Donna said...


Thanks for the comments on my blog. I enjoyed catching up on yours. Wait until you see my ugly quilt. I need to take photos and post it. It is a one block wonder that is very very bad. My daughter begged me to take it off my design board!

I do know what you mean about the quilt shop guilt thing. The owners here are all so nice, but I sometimes catch the shop employees shopping at the competition, so I figure if they can do it so can I.


Amanda said...

Well your picture gave me quite a shock! I thought I was looking at my own fabrics - they're exactly the same colours as I have chosen, possibly even the same fabrics = the dark green certainly is the same. What colour are you using for your accent?

Candace said...

Gorgeous colors. I wouldn't feel guilty, although I should talk. I feel guilty because I mostly buy online instead of at the 1 shop in our town. Two reasons though, one I can't afford their prices. I understand that they have overhead etc., but I have to go by my expenses, and two when I go in there it is 50-50 whether or not they are pleasant or just seem like they wish I'd go away. Even so, I would hate to see them close.