Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The past several weeks have been busy here. And with a baby in the house a little bit sleep deprived. 
I did manage to get some sewing in. An appliqued table topper. This was a present for a friend and I'm crossing my fingers it will fit the table.            

Speaking of the baby, there's been lots of growing going on, and even a little walking. 

This little guy loves the pool and swimming. We take him to the pool everyday, and even got a baby pool for home. 

My husband built a sandbox for him.  Although I think we need a larger one. 

Other things go on here too. My youngest graduated from high school. 
The ceremony was in downtown Raleigh.

 We are so proud of him. He is a great kid. Who still says yes sir and no ma'am. He's always been so fun and happy
Wait need a quick snack before pictures and dinner

And a picture of the whole family

Oh and just for reference right now he's 6'4. I'm betting he'll get to 6'5. Ask the girls that's a lot of little brother. 

On my list of things to do is buy him a longer bed. I swear he looks like this. 

Gee I really need to get back in my sewing room. Hopefully my next post will be about that. 


Stephanie said...

What a happy little guy! I love the striped outfits. My favorite photo is the sandbox, dog and all! Congratulations to your son. A momentous occasion and a wonderful family photo. Your hedgehog table topper is squeal worthy -- lucky friend.

KaHolly said...

Life sure is good at your house!! Darling pics of the baby, and like Stephanie, I really enjoyed the sand box picture. Congratulations to your son! Love your project.

Judy S. said...

Cute photos, Lynn! How old is your grandson? I can't remember whether he's older than Stella or not. She's a long ways from walking though. Congrats to your son! And BTW, I love that table topper! Awesome work!

Katie said...

Wonderful family photos. I’m jealous of that sandbox!! :-)

Houseelf said...

Hi Lynn, thank you so much for the table topper and other goodies. I am going to try it out today now we are back from picking up Daughter from uni for the last time. Thank you so much for your kindness- my very own mushroom hedgehog and flower tablecloth for outside! You know my taste so well! Aww your grandson is ultra cute. Great that you are taking him swimming daily. Congrats to your long lad. We have the same problem with Son and beds here. I had to laugh at the pic! :-) Hugs and thank you.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

What a great post Lynn! The little guy sure is growing and loves the water! Your pic of the sleeping man made me laugh!

shez said...

what a lovely post Lyn and i can relate to the last pic my son is 6ft 5" and we have to buy him a longer bed,lol.xx

Carrie P. said...

Your grandson and son have both grown so much. congrats to you all on his graduation. I know you are one proud mom.