Saturday, March 2, 2013

I started out with a big bucket of scraps, some of which I used to make my own fabrics. I wanted to make another scrap quilt like this one. When I did this quilt I wasn't happy with it until I put in the black snowball squares. So with my pink and green made fabric I wasn't happy either, until I thought I need a unifying element in each block. I started with a pinwheel and then used either made fabrics or scraps. I didn't like all of the blocks together and have ended up with two smaller quilt tops rather than one large one. I'm growing tired of working with scraps. Time to finish these up and move on! Does anyone else have problems getting their pictures or words where they want them?


Stephanie said...

Your unifying elements really make the quilts cohesive and they sing beautifully. I hear scrap quilts!

Kay said...

Those black squares do add a nice accent element to the quilt. They are so gorgeous.

Houseelf said...

Wonderful scrappy work Lynn. I love how you made your own fabric in the top pic. I can see that being great in a bag design.

More in a mo.