Friday, August 6, 2010

A recent trip to the North Carolina Museum of Art got me thinking:

Do you think the artist was inspired by a quilt?

I need some advice - when doing a baby quilt with a flannel top and flannel backing - do I need batting or any suggestions about an appropriate batting. When I've done this in the past it seemed so heavy. Any thoughts?


Judy S. said...

For babies, our group often skips the batting and uses fleece on the back in its place. There are some great choices of fleece out there and little ones love the softness.

I never thought to connect modern paintings with quilts!

Amanda said...

If the artist wasn't inspired by a quilt, then perhaps you should be inspired to make a quilt by that picture. I can't help much with the quilt I'm afraid, as I've never made a baby quilt.

Stephanie said...

I've done receiving blankets with flannel top, bottom, batting...layer, turn, sew around the edge, tie. I've also made quilts using all flannel and I do use batting and machine quilt them. Cut the binding larger to accomodate the bulk. If you normally cut your binding strips 2 1/2" then cut them 3". I use warm and natural batting. I do think you can make a flannel top and back and omit the batting for a "quiltlet".

Odette said...

Hola amiga, pase a saludar y desear para ti un buen fin de semana, he hecho colchas para bebe, y solo utilizo tela de polar, no se si alla le conocen por ese nombre, pero quedan más bonitas porque tienen diseños y ademas quedan mas livianas, para sujetar hago un quilt loco.
Espero que le pueda ayudar.

Carrie P. said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. You will enjoy Asheville. So much to see.
When I make baby quilts I don't usually use flannel on the top, just the backing, but in your case you could you flannel as the batting too.

Anonymous said...

Warm and natural wouldn't be too bulky as a batting. If you are more worried about the heat aspect, then maybe just a layer of fabric between to give it strength? Sorry I've not made a baby quilt so I don't know what is strictly correct.

Yes it does look quilt imspired to me.

suz said...

Another option is Thermor - very thin, but very warm