Friday, February 5, 2010

I've been caught

If you look on my sidebar, you'll see I started a new fabric diet. I was a little premature in putting that there.
Has anyone been to Joann's lately and noticed the really cute fabrics? I am a strong believer in supporting my local businesses. But with the sale at Joanns, and the 20% of coupon I couldn't help myself. I went in to buy flannel for backing.
And found lots of other fabrics. .
When I got to the cutting counter, the very nice lady who works there said "I thought you were on a fabric diet" Oops - she reads my blog. Actually this is just what a need, someone to keep my honest.
But look at this cute fabric.

Boy fabric

Girl fabric

My favorite - French Chicken fabric

Oops almost forgot my backing

It could have been worse, I could have bought much more. I know that it may not be the same caliber as quilt shop fabric but with the sale nothing I bought was more than $4.00 a yard - and again French Chicken fabric - need I say more?
Although I want to go back and buy some more, I'm going to try not to now that going off the fabric diet has been found out.


Amanda said...

Naughty, naughty! Great fabric though, do you have plans for it already or was it just bought 'on spec'?

Anonymous said...

Love the French Hen fabric!!

I've been ordering online due to Joann's being across town.. last time I went was before Christmas for belting. I bought the bolt at 50% off.

I can't wait to see the wee quilts you're going to make!!

Enjoy your splurge!!
with love,

Stephanie said...

Oh my...I'm glad I didn't look at the fabric last time I was in JoAnns...French Chickens...CUTE!

Linda said...

Very cute, can't pass up on a good sale.

Anonymous said...

LOL oh Lynn, I can just imagine your face when the assistant reminded you of your fabric diet. ROFL

I'm in the same boat when some bags of purples came along at PP at a fantastic price... and then there was some Jellybean fabric yardage. :-) I think I am beginning to use it faster than buy it though so that's got to be good.

Carrie P. said...

Flannels are the best for backing a quilt in my opinion. I love those chickens.

Judy S. said...

You sure did have fun in your time off the wagon! Love those chickens!

em's scrapbag said...

I can see why you gave in. Cute, cute fabric. Diets are over rated anyway.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Ok Lynn those are darling!. I hate those darn diets.