Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm a bit late in showing this week's bow (to make up for it though - I'm almost finished next weeks). Melanie www.jellybeanangel2.blogspot.com , Simone www.simonedeklerk.blogspot.com , karen www.messykaren.blogspot.com and I challanged ourselves to finish one a week. I've seen some finished Christmas Wish quilts on flickr and I love the way they've turned out.

This weekend I went to the thrift store with my daughter and her friends. I bought 5+ yards of purple ricrac. They asked me why I was buying it - I have no idea - any suggestions?

Despite the picture - it really is more purpley.


Stephanie said...

Somehow I think you'll find a use for your rick rack!

Anonymous said...

Well, the Joy is very sweet and perfectly simple! Love it. Now as for the rick rack.. hmmm, care to swap a yard or two with other fringe or braids or other goodies that I've got.

Odette said...

Hola amiga, no importa que estes atrasada, lo importante es seguir adelante y concretarlo....el ric-rac esta estupendo para adornar una colcha ya que compraste una buena cantidad, aqui te dejo el enlace de esta amiga para que te animes y veas una colcha

y este es su blog:

Que tengas un buen dia amiga.

Judy S. said...

Hmmm....sounds as if you could use a piece of my "lizard" fabric? Looks like a perfect match. Love that Christmas BOM, too; I'm doing Hope at the moment.

Carrie P. said...

Great rick rack. I used some on some dish towels but it is great to use on a quilt or how about a pillow?

Gina said...

How about as an embellishment on a quilt. There's a decent pattern in Sept/Oct Quiltmaker that you could use ric rac on.It's the cover quilt, they've used wool but ric rac would work aswell.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Michelle said...

What a great find!!