Monday, September 14, 2009

The past few days saw very little sewing. I did play around with wavy quilting lines though. I received this charm square in a charm swap that I did a while back and there was only one like it. So I've put it into it's own hot pad and experimented with some wavy lines. It's a fun stitch to use - but I think I need some more practice.

I have 22 pounds of peaches that need putting up which will keep me from much sewing for a couple of days (1 day to make jam and preserves and 1 day to clean up the sticky mess).


Stephanie said...

Oh yum peaches. I haven't had a single good peach all summer and I'm seriously disappointed because I made peach/blueberry pie! Cute little hot pad.

Bec said...

mmm fresh peaches sounds so very yummy! Yes, very sticky too!
Love your qilting, it and your confidence will improve with practice. Something a little bigger than a potholder might be easier as you have more to hold on to while you quilt.

Carrie P. said...

Cute little hot pad.

Anonymous said...


how's that jam coming along????

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the peaches. I've been thinking of 1001 recipes for ripe tomatoes as I don't preserve very well.

The hot pad looks really pretty. I think little things like that are ideal for practicing new things on.