Friday, August 7, 2009


DD#1's quilt is coming along - I have the top together and am pleased with it. I added a border onto it to take care of the size issue and I like it even better. But today's problem I cut the backing and forget to leave extra on the length - aaargh. I'll deal with it tommorrow. For today I changed my blog to something more peaceful and meditative. With all the calculating mistakes I'm making - I need that.

So due to a lack of quilt related pictures - I thought I'd share these photos from something remarkable we saw during our vacation - sea turtle nesting.
In this first picture - you can see the tracks the sea turtle made during the night coming out of the water. They estimated that she weighed around 200 pounds!

They sometimes have to move back the nest, away from the high tide lines.

Then the eggs are counted and reburied at a safer distance. They looked like soft. leathery ping-pong balls.

Lastly the area is roped off - hopefully no one will bother it.


Gina said...

love the new look.

Take a deep breath and you'll soon be flying through the quilting again. Sending positive vibes your way

love and hugs Gina xx

Stephanie said...

I've read books with Carolina settings that always mention the turtles nesting on the beach. That is fascinating.

Linda said...

I feel for you with the backing fabric, I've done that on more than one occassion. Thanks for the turtle egg photo's, very interesting.

Carin said...

Sorry about the backing fabric, HUG!

The sea turtles are fascinating.

Anonymous said...

That is such a great idea. Here we get leather back turtles who come to eat the jellyfish. Unfortunately they have been known to digest plastic bags as they look so similar and die. There is a real drive now in the UK to have cloth bags, or reuse the bags you have.

Sorry to hear about the wrong cutting. Why not turn it in to a feature and add a strip top and bottom?

Sara said...

Your background looks great. Nice and calming!
Those pictures are wonderful! I would love to see that in person, thanks for sharing.

Judy S. said...

Loved those turtle pictures, Lynn. Thanks for sharing them!

Carrie P. said...

That is so neat. Now I know what the string was all about on our vacation.