Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A question

I have some small quilts and wall hangings that are starting to pile up. Does anyone have some ideas for hanging them. I was taught - hanging sleeve - with dowel through it. But I think there are many more ways to hang them. Any ideas?


Marilyn said...

I just hang them on the wall with a couple of straight pins at the top.....but I'm not sure that quilting purists might be aghast at that idea;)

Stephanie said...

Two ways...put a safety pin on each side if they're small (perhaps one in the middle for a bit larger one). Hang them on nails in your wall. Also you can make little tabs that stick up and run a dowel or branch through it.

suz said...

I sew small white rings I find at Joanns and AC Moore's (I think they are for knitting) to the corners and sometimes in the center - depending on the width - and use plastic thumbtacks (or sometimes common pins) to hang them from - it leaves a tiny hole.

Amanda said...

I haven't got any ideas, but I could certainly use some suggestions myself, so I'll be popping back to read any comments you get.

Anonymous said...

I have some Ikea poles which have clips -like crocodile clips so I simple clip a quilt up according to the season.

Terry said...

I like all the suggestions you've already gotten! I've wanted to try one similar to what Melanie said...I've seen curtain rods with the clips on them to hang the curtains from. A quilt would look lovely hanging from it! Also I have seen fancy towel rods used (with the hanging sleeve on the back of the quilt). Hope you find something that works for you! :0)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn..

Hope you are doing better and that the rain was refreshing yesterday and last night.

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Ruthie said...

A favorite of mine is to fold two squares in half diagonally and attach the raw edges to the back when stitching the binding. I can then insert a thin dowel rod from corner to corner and hang on a nail.

Fiesta said...

I have been using the small curtain rod and then change them out. I use the drapery hooks and when I want a new look I change the small wall hanging out.