Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Give-Away and raffle (I love this quilt) and a discovery

HURRY - Amanda's give-away will be closing at 7:00pm GMT this evening. And check out Jacquie's raffle on a fantastic quilt.
I also discovered that my Doll Quilt Swap buddy has a blog. My partner, Lin is from Bangkok - very far from me of course. This is one reason why we blog - to meet people from around the world who share this common love of quilting. So check out Lin's blog she has some fantastic quilts there. When I clicked on Lin's blog - her song playing on real player is one of my favorites that I had just acquired for my ipod. What a coincidence - it's a small world afterall.


jacquie said...

thanks for posting about this lynn...cute dog!!!

Melanie said...

Hia Lynn, yes I do like Blogland it makes the world smaller and more interesting. When something bad is happening, bloggers rally around and help out- it's like having an electronic neighbourhood. :-)

susan said...

thanks for the link to sew-do-i, i hadnt been to her blog before. i am trying to do the spring clean up at jacquies but i fear i am not doing so well!!