Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is what the New Year brought us - new pipes! I'm trying not to be sad about losing so many azaelas. Here's a picture of part of my front lawn - after the 8foot deep trench was dug. It's been a challenging week keeping the dog (Maggie) out of the area (she can't read the caution tape). She insists on going over to it and managed to climb down in there. She wasn't hurt and in fact seemed to love her adventure and we got her out easily. Thankfully today they are finally filling it back in. I have also been organizing/cleaning my sewing room. I spent a few days tidying up my stash. So now that my sewing room is straightened I can really start sewing again and once it gets a little warmer I think I have some landscaping to do!


Gina said...

What a great way of organising your fabric.
What a mess in the garden. Still it'll give you an excuse to plant more bushes.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Anonymous said...

you are so organized! I have a long way to go before my sewing stash looks that good. :)

Amanda said...

It looks as if you have room to add a little more to your stash now it's organised! I'm sure you can think of a reason to treat yourself. Though I think you're going to be too busy in your garden to have much time for sewing.

Katie said...

Ouch! New pipes by choice or necessity?

Anonymous said...

I hope your pipes are all laid and the trench backfilled. On the good side the job wont need doing again for years and years.

What a neat stash! At the mo when my fabric is folded after using what I need I think it's a good day! LOL