Thursday, December 18, 2008

this little guy

I am still here - finishing up some presents. We saw this flying squirrel the other night - and they are unusual to see - but he was more interested in our bird feeder than hiding from us. The flying squirrel actually doesn't fly but glides and uses a bone in his wrist to steer. I didn't take the "flying" picture - but now I'm definitely going to be looking for these guys at night.
Also a picture of a famous flying squirrel!


Anonymous said...

How sweet Lynn. We have rare English red squirrels here and the more common American grey ones in the park but no flying ones. Squirrels are so sweet!

Grazia said...

We have few squirrels here in Italy....and they don't like's impossible for us to take a picture as you did!
It's so sweet!

Sara said...

How cool! I have never seen a flying squirrel! That would be neat to see

Anonymous said...

We have lots of the 'regular' kind of squirrels but I've not seen a flying one. But I do know who Rocky & Bullwinkle are. I was a fan of them for years.