Monday, December 1, 2008

I've been busy sewing swaps, finishing/starting gifts that won't get finished this year (darn) getting my doll quilt swap mailed to ????? and my chookyblue secret santa swap sent far away to ?????. AND I have not opened my sscs - I pleased with my will power. The only problem is that I can't show anything I've made yet. So for today here is a Thanksgiving picture of Maggie. She's a big furry golden retriever - the sweetest dog ever. She usually likes to spend the day in the garage - it's cooler in there. At night she comes in and since she is an only dog now, I pretend I don't know that she sleeps on my good sofa! But just look at her on Thanksgiving - she was under foot all day - keeping her eye on that turkey.

Oooh - don't look at my smudgy oven - it was a hectic couple days of cooking. Also I didn't see it until after I posted the picture but apparently Maggie had some company waiting for the turkey to be done.


Carin said...

Lynn your puppy is beautiful! I love that look like hi mom I am not into anything I promise.
Love the Christmas Candy corn mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Anonymous said...

Maggie has such a sweet face! My kitchen looks like a bomb has exploded so don't worry about smudges Lynn. :-) I'm getting over the "can't show much" by showing scenes from around here and from my travels.

Good news the himmeli got finished in time!

Marilyn said...

It would be difficult not to give Maggie anything she wants--that face:) What a sweetie!

isant said...

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