Monday, August 18, 2008

What I've been up to

I've been jumping around working on various projects. I really need to get one thing completed. I thought I had my doll swap quilt top done. But the more I kept looking at it the more the points didn't match and I've taken it apart and have resewn twice now (sorry about the fuzzy picture).
I've also been working on these scrappy circles for a swap. Sometimes when I'm doing something scrappy I really need to resist the urge to match everything up.


Vanessa said...

The cirles look good! Do you end up quartering them and putting them back together randomly? I have a pattern like that.

Katie said...

Your swap bulls eyes look great. I've had no end of trouble finding a decent "cream print" background. Nuts!

Anonymous said...

Love the circle bits you are working on, be great to see what you will do with them , have you more of them to do
Thankyou for your blog, great read