Sunday, August 3, 2008

Back from vacation

Back from vacation and ready to sew. Sadly my sewing machine is spending a few more days at the sewing machine hospital than I thought it would. I dropped it off before I left and thought it would be ready. Turns out I need a small part(a screw for the thread plate that's been missing for 2 years) and the technician left on a trip for the next 10 days with my machine apart on his bench. So I guess I'll be forced to baste some quilt tops together for the next several days.
It was a perfect vacation. Lots of time spent on the beach and in the water and ice cream every night! We stayed in a house right on the beach and the ocean was only steps away.


Anonymous said...
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Sara said...

Beautuiful pictures of your vacation. Sorry to hear your machine is in the hospital, that must stink!

Katie said...

Sounds wonderful! The vacation that is, not your machine. :-( Dare I ask which hospital?

Donna said...

Looks like a wonderful place. Was it Myrtle Beach?

eileen said...

ooo.. I'll bet it was cold in that ice cream every night.
Thanks for visiting.. this is the first time I've been here.. I think I'll come back and see what you've basted together!