Wednesday, July 16, 2008

catching up

I've gotten behind on Crazy Mom's star quilt-a-long. I don't think I've posted these pictures yet. So many triangles and I am happy with the way they turned out. I was so anxious to get them posted I forget to trim the blocks. I'm not sure about that plaid and flowered print together. I've gotten my Orange Crush put together and now I need to quilt it. I'm still regretting my choice of fabric - I've seen so many terrific looking ones out there posted. I promised myself to not post a photo of it until it's done - which hopefully will be soon.


Jen said...

I just commented on another blog about her star quilt-along. Yours is looking just as fantastic! It's great to see all the different variations people are making.

Thanks for entering my giveaway. Be sure to pass the word along as I'll be having a new giveaway every week. Check back on Friday to see who won.

Sunny said...

Hello! I think they are great. I absolutely love blue and white. I cannot wait to see it done.