Monday, June 9, 2008

this is why I don't get anything done

I have tons of sewing to do. I have tons of cleaning to do. I have tons of gardening to do. I broke my sunglasses and the only way for them to be fixed was to super glue them. It's hard to sew, clean, or garden with your finger glued to your glasses. Anyway, after a long search for nail polish remover (DD1 & DD2 were all out) and a one-handed internet search for a solution - I freed myself. At least I had the presence of mind to take a picture using some gorgeous fabric as a back drop. Do other people fritter their time away like I do?


Em said...

Whaaa haaa haaa! That's really funny! I'm sorry about your glasses though! I really need to do some gardening too, but the 100 degree heat is keeping me inside until dark most days!

Amanda said...

Oh Lynn, that's just such a typical thing to do with superglue - I haven't glued myself, but both my sons made Warhammer models and many's the time I've had to free them from the clutches of their models. Better luck tomorrow.