Thursday, May 29, 2008

a little something done

In between everything this week I pieced this little top. I did the 9patches as leaders/enders while doing step 4 of the OC. I bought a fat quarter of the yellow fabric last year at the quilt show and have been wanting to use it. I have a fear of blocks on the diagonal - but tried it anyway - and it wasn't so bad. Only problem is now it is a UFO so I have to finish it up fast. I tend to think that once the top is done I'm finished. That is exactly what gets me bogged down by UFO's. Sometimes it doesn't turn out the way I wanted, or the colors or pattern don't hold my interest. Another problem is that there is always a new, fun project to start. Anyone have any other theories on why we have UFOs?


Amanda said...

That's a cute little quilt - let's hope you manage to finish it. I've not made anything on point yet, though it looks as if the OC might be heading that way. I think we lost interest because the whole time we're making a top we're being creative and problem solving, but once that's done we have to use a quite different part of our brain to get the quilting and binding done, and the creative part of our brain is more dominant.

Donna said...

I like the yellow and black together. The yellow print looks great.

I AM said...

For me, it is perfectionism.

I love making quilt tops & doing patchwork but I'm not so confident in my quilting/binding. I'm always afraid I'm going to "ruin" something and then all the work/time that went into making it would be wasted.

So I procrastinate & my pile of WIPs gets larger.