Friday, April 11, 2008

grandmother's flower garden

I carry hexagons with me and work on them while I'm waiting to pick up kids or if I have a spare minute. I finished this one yesterday. My total so far is 21. I'd like to make at least 75. I try to do one a week. I like the way the look spread out. At this rate I'm looking at next year to finish them.

I'm also enjoying Lynette Anderson's Noah's Ark patterns from her site. I have the dove done. I have my strips cut out for the orange crush - my second try -scrappy this time.


Lynette Anderson said...

Your hexagons look great, I always try to have some in my handbag in case I get a moment to stitch, they are so portable and always create an interest wherever you go.
Your dove carrying her spring branch is so pretty, well done.

Amanda said...

Don't the hexagons look lovely when they are all together. I've just bought some pre-cut hexagon papers to start having a go at this myself. Pretty embroidery too.

Michelle said...

Wow, these look a lot like mine! But I don't think that you've been doing yours for as long as Ive been doing mine. And I think that you've made more progress!

You've inspired me to get some of mine together and get working on mine during those waiting times.

brigette said...

oh my goodness!!!!! are you hand piecing those together?